Prize Pool
5,000 Comp Points

El Pino has something to boost you with!

Our Upgrade Lottery with weekly 5,000 Comp Points has started! Are you ready to grab the biggest chunk of the prize? Comp Points can get your VIP level higher than ever, and now you have an incredible chance to pull that off!

1. A €30 deposit = 1 ticket
A €100 deposit = 4 Tickets
A €200 deposit = 10 tickets
A €450 deposit = 30 tickets
2. The lottery runs for 5 weeks:

1st week: 01.03, 00:01, and 07.03, 23:59 (UTC).
2nd week: 08.03, 00:01, and 14.03, 23:59 (UTC).
3rd week: 15.03, 00:01, and 21.03, 23:59 (UTC).
4th week: 22.03, 00:01, and 28.03, 23:59 (UTC).
5th week: 29.03, 00:01, and 04.04, 23:59 (UTC).
3. The number of lottery tickets per player is unlimited.
4. Every ticket can win.
5. Prizes of 5,000 Comp Points will be awarded automatically at the end of the lottery week.
6. One lottery ticket allows a player to win the raffle for the every-week prize pool.
7. Winners must have an active account without limits by the end of each lottery.
8. General Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.
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